Holiday Apartment Cleaning, Check In and Maintenance Service for London Landlords

Cleaning, Guest Changeovers and Check In Service

We provide a 24/7 service for our landlords who need a cleaning service in London. We can check in guests and clean it as well as providing a maintenance service so we provide a complete property management support for Landlords.

So if you already have an apartment in London that you rent as a holiday let but you need some help with check ins, cleaning and a repair service then we can help you so that things run smoothly.

We have a linen and towel service that we can wash, clean and dry everything inside the property and iron. London Holiday Apartment Rentals prides itself on our well-run service and attention to detail because we employ our cleaners full time and they have previously worked in top 5 star London hotels like the Ritz, Dorchester and Savoy because we realise how important cleanliness is and we do our best to ensure the same high standard is met as our check in mangers always double check how clean the property is before every guest checks into it and our office managers regularly make spot checks as well as our handyman on all our London holiday lets.

So let us take care of these jobs for you today so please contact us via email:

Or call us NOW to book a Cleaner, Check In or Maintenance Service on our 24/7 number 07889 619 335

Advertising your Holiday Let Property in London

Advice on How to Advertise A London Holiday Let Property and Where

How to rent a holiday home and get more bookings

If you have a property to rent in London and you want to maximise your rental income then you should consider renting it as a holiday apartment.

But it can be difficult when you first start to know where exactly do you advertise? This is a hard question to get right and we have spent many tens of thousands of pounds on advertising over the years on a number of different websites and some are better than others.

So if you have decorated a property and furnished it with everything for a holidaymaker to move straight into (we can help you with this) because we have decorated many apartments to look appealing for couples, families and corporate clients that we rent all year round as a holiday let to recoup the money you have spent.

We will cover in this blog where to advertise a holiday let in London. Firstly London was recently voted Number city to visit in the World and it is normally in the top 3 destinations to visit in the World every year and with millions of tourist coming to London every year a holiday apartment is an ideal alternative to a hotel for couples, families with children and corporate clients to relax in a homeaway from home where they can cook and chill out rather than in a small expensive hotel room.

So you need to take good quality photos of each bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and outside of the property. Because for self catering holiday makers photographs are really important and they give a sense of what your property looks like and will give you the best chance of getting bookings.

Holiday makers want to relax in a comfortable home because they will mostly be out all day sightseeing and when they get back home they want to cook and watch TV with their partner or families..

Try and think about writing a good headline which makes your advert stand out from the competition.

You will need to write a detailed descriptions of each room. Try and talk about the amenities and what is included in the property i.e. does it have a washing machine / tumble dryer, central heating, dishwasher, WiFi, TV.

Also how close is it to the nearest tube station or buses.

So the big question is where should you advertise? Think about your target market are you catering for couples, families, students, retired couples or corporate lets? For example you may want to consider notice boards in supermarkets or retirement publications in magazines. If your target audience are families then you advertise on notice boards in local schools or newsagents.

Make sure you advertise on the internet and social media because this is where the majority of people look to book a London holiday apartment especially young professionals, couples and families,

So if your new to the market or a holiday letting expert there are a number of things to consider like a weak euro which means less European's travelling to London. There is also more competition from other owners so getting bookings is really important and you need to run it as a professional business to maximise your rental income.

However, it’s not as easy as it may appear to fill availability calendars and many holiday home owners sometimes over-estimate the money they will achieve, and some under-estimate the huge amount of work they will have to do in order to generate many bookings.

We hope this has been helpful and good luck, but if you need some help then we do offer a full holiday let service which includes taking photos, doing floor plans, taking a video and writing your advertisement and making sure it's placed in the right locations to maximum your occupancy, so all you need to do is sit back and look forward to the return on your investment.

(Please visit out "Landlords" page to view the many happy Landlord video testimonials to see why Landlords like you use our service to great success)

Buy-To-Let Landlords rush to beat 'Landlord Tax' to Osborne's 150pc tax

Rent your property as a Holiday Let in London to beat the Landlord Tax

George Osborne plans to introduce “150% tax on landlords”. Which concerns all buy to let investors who rent out properties but don't worry we have a good solution for you to beat the landlord tax.

But before I get to the good news here I will explain the not so good news

If you are a higher rate tax payer then from April 2017 you can no longer claim tax relief on your mortgage interest for your buy to let property. This means it could cost you tens of thousands of pounds per property from April 2017 that you will not be able to offset against your taxable income.

Let's say for example you have a property worth £500,000 and you have a mortgage of £450,000 with a (10%) deposit of £50,000 and an interest rate of 5% on your mortgage per year, so therefore you'll pay about £65,000 for the first 3 years in just interest alone. So what this means now that to reduce your tax bill under the current rules you would be allowed to deduct this money from your taxable income, but from April 2017 you will NOT be able to do this.

Here is the article below in the Telegraph

The result?

This could add possibly add tens of thousands of pounds to your tax bill every year for each property you have a mortgage on. So this new tax which some people are calling an Alice in Wonderland buy-to-let tax which mean this new level of tax could push you into the red.

This new tax is forcing a lot of property owners to consider selling their properties because in many cases this will result in negative cash flow situations because you are paying out more tax every year than you are making receiving.

Here is some more information about this in the government website belowl

So what is the positive news?

The good news about this new tax is that this will not apply to Furnished Holiday Lets.

The tax man considers Furnished Holiday Lets as a business and therefore not an investment. Therefore the rules regarding taxation of businesses are much different to a typical buy-to-let investments. So the good news is that if you rent out your London property as a Furnished Holiday Let, then this means that you can continue to deduct the mortgage interest as an expense.

We specialise in helping many landlords just like you by renting your property as a furnished holiday let in London so if you would like to know more information about this new landlord tax and the financial implications of running a Furnished Holiday Let in London then please contact us today because we would love to help you.


A Problem Guest books a home on AirBnB but uses it for a Party and leaves the homeowner devasted

A New Years Eve party held in a Putney flat in London that was rented out through AirBnB's website left the owners devastated after the guests “trashed” it and they caused £3000+ worth of damage in their property.

The apartment was rented out for one night by someone who registered on the airbnb website with what is allegedly believed to be a fake ID in order to rent the apartment which is worth £500,000.

After the neighbours complained to the owner she returned to find 100+ guests having a party in her home. The people were smoking, drinking, having an orgy in the bedroom, using drugs and fighting.

Here is the article below in the Daily Mail

As you may expect some people on social media blame AirBnB while others have sympathy for the owners who were trying to rent out their flat in order to save up some money for their wedding.

AirBnB have some solutions to help their hosts identify a “good” guest from a “bad” one. By having guest reviews and a “verified ID”.

These maybe useful but they are not foolproof. If you use other websites to advertise your home on then please be very careful because sites such a HomeAway, Holiday Lettings, Owners Direct, Flipkey or HouseTrip at the moment do not have any checks on the guests, tenants or people booking your property so you never really know who will be staying there and how they will treat your home?

So how can you keep your marketing exposure high and avoid such bad experiences?

Well we have been established since 2009 in the holiday lettings business in London and many thousands of guests have used our service over the years so we have dealt with every kind of situation imaginable. Our very experienced team know the warning signs and what to look out for when it comes to potentially problematic guests.

To avoid these disasters in our apartments we have implemented a risk assessment to screen each and every guest who wants to book one of our London apartments. Some of the simple things we do is to speak to all the guests over the phone and we also request a lot of information prior to them checking in and if we don't get the right information then the booking doesn't go ahead.

Our number one priority is to make sure we fully vet and check all guests because we are responsible for our client's properties, and it is really important to us to make sure that only the right people are allowed to book and this way we keep the troublemakers out of your home!


The metropolis that is London or Londidium as once called by the Romans in AD43 on the site that is now the city of the vast area of London is divided by 32 boroughs and makes it the most populous city of England and the city of London population making it the smallest.

The popular critic Samuel Johnson once wrote “when you tire of London you tire of life” and few people would disagree as London has consistently over the years been the home of architects, designers, innovators and musicians it is a thriving cosmopolitan city open to new ideas that are replicated across the world.

A historical city which is side by side to the modern architecture of modern times The Shard one of the largest buildings in Europe is within sight distance of the Tower of London founded in 1066 it was used as prison as late as 1952 and home to the Crown Jewels tucked behind bullet proof glass in the Jewel House the whole complex one of London’s four World Heritage sites.

In 2015 Euro monitor International published stats that London is the 2nd most popular destination for tourists in the world just pipped by Hong Kong.

it is no wonder London is so high in the rankings for popularity as it has so much to offer in popular culture and history. If you have ever wanted to visit London why not try popular holiday home rentals. There has been an enormous rise in property owners letting their properties to tourists through Holiday apartments.

London Holiday Apartment Rentals has seen a rapid rise since its formation in 2009. Our CEO said that families are looking for home comforts and cheaper prices than a family room can offer in a hotel. Our company helps families who want accommodation near to transport and catering dining facilities which are priced cheaper than most central London hotels and this has become a popular alternative with return customers year after year.

Families also want easy access for travelling around the city and to get a feeling of what it is like to live in London to be a resident for a few weeks. London Holiday Apartment Rentals have apartments in Camden Rentals, Islington Short Term Apartments, Westminster Short Stay Apartments, City of London vacation homes, Notting Hill Apartment Rentals, Bayswater Apartments and Covent Garden Holiday Homes to name but a few mainly in Zone 1. Staying in one of our London apartments can be much more affordable than staying in an expensive London Hotel.

Our company offers a wide spectrum of districts with Camden being a popular destination for young people. This is the wonderful thing about London and renting a property in different districts sometimes people want to try residing for a couple of weeks in a different areas of London - designers and artists like Bermondsey area with its rise of independent art galleries.

We give people the opportunity to try different areas of London and most of our apartments are next to famous landmarks in the areas.

Best Ways to Avoid Rental Scams

Warning - Be Careful of Rental Scams and Tips on How to Avoid being taken for a ride!

There was once a time when after Christmas a loud thud of travel brochures came coming through the letterbox.

Times have moved on and families on a budget still wanting to go on holiday have a large amount of travel websites offering cheaper deals it is certainly a maze.

Whilst this is wonderful for choice an air of caution should be heeded. Over recent years families have arrived to a non existent property one that had never existed and learn to their horror they have been duped. The building that looked so wonderful on the website is not there was never built.

There is the old adage “that if something sounds to good to be true - it most probably is”

So what steps can you take to avoid this fraud.
A red flag should certainly be flagged if any of the following;-

* When booking look at when the dates are more expensive - if during summer season the cost is very low this would be one indicator. As seasonal prices should not decrease during this time.

* In 2015 there were 1,469 cases of bogus holiday villas and accommodation which was reported to the City of London police.

* Receiving calls from the fraudster asking for payment quickly even if it was booked under the assumption the bill would be settled during the stay.

* The fraudster asking for quick payment and a courtesy taxi from the airport. So promising additional items whilst asking for money.

* Asking for money to be paid by a money transfer outside the website you booked from.

* Homeaway website has indicated 0.1 percent of bookings will be fraudulent.

* If your booking has been through HomeAway, Holiday Lettings or other holiday apartment sites check to see how long the advertiser has been on the website.

* Alarm bells will ring if the villa owner stops all contact with you although for owners own fraud protection may not do this but worth asking if you can see a utility bill for apartment.

* has most properties on its site as it is part of the electoral roll even past years. Worth checking to see if owners name and address.

* Goggle search is another pointer put address or name of villa to research the property.if others have suffered the same.

* Goggle maps is also an alternative although you may not know the actual address you can see from the landscape if it is an open field, building site etc.

* At the booking contract stage there should be all the details of the villa owner if not there should be caution.

* Look at reviews on site and send emails to reviewers if they are very negative. It is not uncommon for a few negative review on any apartment but warnings can be issued by reviewers.

* Rapportive via Gmail can pull up peoples social media sites and emails do they match ??

* On websites who lookup you can cross match if the owner has a website.

* Buying holidays on Ebay and other outlets that do not stop risk is a risk.

* When in consultation initially ask who does the check in sometimes villa owners pay companies to do this side of the business.

* Contact the holiday listing company directly as they will have completed their own verification plus they will be able to flag up a problem on site immediately if there is a problem.

* Remember that most holiday bookings are a smooth transaction and they can offer a cheap alternative for families. And thousands of holiday makers every year have benefited from this type of holiday booking. But research and research again.

We are the only company in London who have over 100+ video testimonials on YouTube of previous holiday makers in some of our many apartments that we offer in London so please take a look at our Testimonials page and see for yourself all the photos we have taken of previous happy guests to give you peace of mind that you are booking with a company that cares about our customers and take time to watch the video testimonials and then book with confidence through our website.

HELP - How Do I Rent My London Property As A Holiday Let ?

Many years ago landlords of second properties were limited to advertising in newspapers for advertising properties to let or word of mouth or relying on relatives or friends to rent out their holiday home many were not running a business this all changed a few years ago with the hi-influx of holiday property websites. Many now have turned to holiday second property lets as a form of escaping the dreaded added tax on second homes.

Now landlords are open to an oasis of advertising opportunities to market their property which was once alien to them. Now websites can market their property for a small commission and their property can be marketed with relative ease and deal with all their bookings, maintenance, cleaning and guest check ins a new World has opened for them.

At first glance holiday makers spend less time in a property than long term tenants there is also regular maintenance on their properties unlike letting agencies giving back the keys six months later to nasty surprises of homes being damaged and neighbours informing you of parties and unruly behaviour.

For people who work full time and unable to keep up with email enquiries regarding the property or calls in the middle of the night from time holiday makers has been a welcome break with companies dealing with general and sometimes bizarre enquiries.

Worn furnishings and shabby paintwork become a thing of the past when regular maintenance checks on the holiday property have an annual make over which is a blessing when working on another business. Most holiday property companies have their own maintenance staff on the books and can also alert or rectify any potential property maintenance problems before it gets out of hand.

All of these contribute to putting property owners at ease but what's the catch? There is not one because our company can help you and it is a good investment and cash flows really well.

So why could there be a negative ? It is not the negative of the property company itself or rather the holiday advertising sites which are used. Yes these sites offer an amazing opportunity for advertising your property to every corner of cyber world. If your reviews are good from holiday makers then there will be no problem.

What makes this concept different is that on one hand we are open to a wider cyber audience. Holiday maker's are now disgruntled if they are not offered refunds for even the smallest instances, we are in a world of name and shame. some Holiday makers have been known to hold apartments, restaurants and hotels to trip advisor ransom by scripting a bad review.

Whilst home owners and property companies fight back this is somewhat limited as it is not unknown for these online advertising companies to withdraw your adverts and deleted all your properties from their site without much notice or a chance to reply to a disgruntled customer.

A quick trail through the world wide web shows that a semi fight back has started with anti sites which publish negative reviews of the travel accommodation history some establishments are highlighting their fight back reviews through popular press one recent pub owner describing the reviewer has being inebriated whilst at his establishment. IN a French court room a family run business losing vast amount of money following a negative review that nearly broke them called to task the reviewer. But mostly these reviews are unsigned with only their web name as evidence. Trolling and business jealously are also part of the problem.

What angers property owners is the way they are left to pick up the pieces of their business when removed from these sites. With only one sided part of the review being shown many travellers are compensated during their holiday only to omit this from their disgruntled review on return. It can be a one sided affair with not all the picture being shown.

Unfortunately the review is there for life and cannot be removed as advertising housing websites do not take off reviews much to the upset caused even when holiday makers are compensated and repairs and landlord practices have been changed. Thus causing the no booking syndrome even during what could be during high seasons.

There are many customers looking for properties to rent as holiday apartments with cities like London has had a huge increase in owners renting out their properties as a small business. Caution is needed when using advertising sites but on the whole it is a risk worth taking from all the previous example's earlier stated.

One such company London Holiday Apartment Rentals has been helping landlords rent their London properties as holiday lets since it established in 2009. And the demand for renting apartments in London is likely to see a huge higher increase as second properties being used as holiday lets now benefit by paying less tax than those that do not.

For further information on how to rent a London property as a holiday let contact us today

New 90 days rule on Short Term Lets in London helps Landlords earn thousands of pounds more rent

Many thousands of landlords in London are now allowed to rent their homes out as short term holiday lets.

This new law came into effect on 26th May 2015 which now allows people to rent their home for less than 90 days without having to apply for planning permission with the local council which means that many landlords are now celebrating this great news.

This means that short-term letting of homes in London is now allowed up to a maximum of 90 nights in a calendar year. So this now puts London on the same level as other towns and cities in England.

Before this ruling these rentals were possibly in breach of outdated London Council laws dating back to the 1970's which required Londoners to apply for planning permission to rent for fewer than 90 nights, or they could be fined up to £20,000 for each unlawful rental. Although this law was previously poorly enforced across the capital.

'We at London Holiday Apartment Rentals have spent many thousands of pounds researching this law and hiring the best property lawyers in London to help us and our landlords who want to rent their property as a full time holiday apartment in London'

Here is a link below to the Governments article about short term let rules in London:

Evening Standard article below explaining the New 90 day rule which means Londoners can now earn thousands of pounds renting as a holiday let:


If you are thinking of letting out your property for the first time this is helpful advice regarding furnishing and decor in your property.

When wanting to rent out your property for holiday makers you may just need to make a few adjustments can make the difference.

First ask yourself what are the things that you look for when travelling.

In the modern age 24 hour wifi and good network is essential - so make sure broadband is working in the property and you have good coverage. Many holidaymakers book trips or look for local information, children need for games.

First a full maintenance check is needed. Make sure your boiler care is up to date, white goods are in good working order especially washing machines. Replace old kettles or microwaves that are not working.

Plumbing it is essential that toilets and showers, shower cubicles are not damaged. Dirty grout or mould are a no and holiday makers will complain. Make sure fans have been cleaned and not harbouring dust.

Cracked toilet seats will need to be replaced. All plumbing has to be in good working order. Dripping taps and shower heads fixed. Cracked tiles replaced.

Large wardrobes or chests should be fixed against walls in case of toppling over. Another casualty are bed headboards and if you do need to replace beds it will be easier in the long run to have beds that have a factory fixed headboard. Storage room underneath is also useful for storing extra pillowcases and bedding.

Hanging electrical cabling should be covered make sure all electrics work. Adding energy bulbs can save 30 percent of an energy bill and will not need constant changing.

A smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector is essential make sure tested and not placed directly near grill. Also depending on your property you will need to have 2 or 3. Having your boiler checked by your supplier before holiday season is essential

A folder for holidaymakers is also essential although your holiday letting company will look after maintenance it is important you have checked all these things before letting out your property as this can take up valuable time when your property could have been listed. A small map of the local area is useful with supermarkets, bus stops and corner shops pinpointed.

Make sure you have a set of spare keys for the company. All doors and windows have locks all window frames should open and close properly.

Do not forget kitchen cupboards hanging off hinges. Before letting out your property it will need to be 100 percent clean and ovens and white goods cleaned also.

Replace old mattress and curtains.

Open all windows to air the property. If you are a smoker make sure that the ceilings are freshly painted.

Although your property company will do all these things you will need to have completed the bulk of repairs before.

Remove all personal items. Bright walls are not a good idea keep to pastel palette or neutrals light blue and greys will make rooms look bigger as these colours give the optical illusion of going into the wall. Strong bright colours should be avoided unless they are on one wall as a feature. Also avoid strong terracotta orange and yellow palettes.

A working clock is also good idea. If you have board games or cards these can be useful also. Make sure bookcases are secured against walls. If you have rugs make sure they have rug fasteners so people do not slip over.

Make sure shelving is not obstructing and jutting out. A holiday company cannot take on your property if you have clutter and boxes of personal effects.

Make sure mirrors are not cracked. If you have carpets of fabric sofas makes sure they are clean if not have them professionally cleaned.

Also think of your outside space or corridors and put away items - this will be the holidaymakers first impression and some their first trip to London. Cleaned outside areas, lawns cut and dustbins put in orderly fashion will make a better impression. Outside pots with perennial evergreen plants.

Paint your front door if it is looking shabby. Another tip is to have a metal sign made indicating number of flat etc as this has to be clear for holidaymakers.

A second pair of eyes. Although you know your property well before renting out with your holiday letting company ask relatives or friends round to check things that may not have been obvious to you. Ask them to be critical of your property although this may seem difficult they will look at your property in the same way holidaymakers do.

The above may seem like obvious things but holidaymakers want wifi, safety and no breakages and everything in working order.

If you would like to rent out your property please contact us and we will send one of our friendly staff to meet you at your property we currently have reasonable commission rates and have apartments in all areas of London.

Please do not rule out your property we are happy to visit to discuss if it is something you have been thinking about as extra income.
We were founded in 2009 and have wealth of knowledge in the holiday property market and we can help take care of everything for you and many of our landlords earn more money renting their property through us than a normal let.

Olympics in Rio

It is hard to believe it was four years ago when the whole nation was celebrating the triumphs of British athletes in London 2012.

It was a good year for London as the fanfare pre Olympics was the Queens Jubilee. Despite the horrors of the Zika virus Brazil is sure
to put on a fantastic show - sometimes we forget the intensive training of athletes before the Olympics and the restriction and sacrifice on
their life style for some only couple minutes on a track.

Big screens will again be up in London the Queen Elizabeth Olympic park will have a beach theme with its own sand beach and big screen.

Other places to view Rio Olympics in London are St Katherines Docks, London Bridge City Summer festival, Pop Fields, Brixton, Merchant Square, Paddington, Dalston will be hosting Rio in Dalston with tribute night to Muhammed Ali, Boxpark in Shoeditch will be doing large screen and deckchairs. For all the latest news of events please go to

London Heatwave in Summer relax in a Lido

With London experiencing its first heat wave in many years its hard to imagine that London would have its own lido’s (open air pools) it
would surprise many people to know these have been popular for many years.

As our other European countries experience their annual sun and London very moderate temperatures by comparison. As river swimming has become year on year more popular natural ponds in London are also gaining popularity. Many were built in the 1930’s some have since been closed down due to lack of use during 80’s and cost to local councils for maintenance.

There are many lidos still open for business if the sweltering heat becomes too much.

Tooting Bec is home to one of the largest open air pools in London. For nature lovers there are three swimming ponds at Hampstead Heath.
Or closer to the centre of London the Serpentine in Hyde Park. The newest bathing pond is Kings Cross Pond club the northern end of Kings Cross this is a very popular venue and visitor numbers are limited per day. To book at this venue go to Kings Cross pond club website.

Brockwell park Lido near to Herne Hill is home to grade II listed Lido and is a 1930's art deco style lido it was reopened in the 1990's
following a campaign group pressure.

In Hackney - London Fields Lido is home to London’s only 50 metre heated pool. Also on site is a nice sun terrace and café.

Parliament Hill Fields in North London has Parliament Hill Lido which was refurbished in 2005. Originally built in 1938 it possesses a steel
liner one of Gospel Oak overground station.

A small pool to take a quick dip to cool off is to be found in Endell Street, Covent Garden the Oasis Sports Centre.

A few places to cool off in the heatwave can be found out of London also Richmond Old deer park here you can take a stroll in the park
also. Located by tube or rail to Richmond.